Prices are:

You shouldn't have many problems, but it can be a bit difficult in summertime. So, we recommend you to park in the entrance to the fairground, a 3-minute walk from Planet Escape.

You dont need any special skills to experience the game, just the understanding of English language.

Of course. Just notify us by filling in the language section when booking. Our gamemaster will communicate in English since the very first moment. Moreover, all the content and text included in our rooms is written/spoken in both English and Spanish languages.

The room is perfect for 13+ years old players, but younger children can play if they play with adults.

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the booked time, as we need to explain you all the details and rules of the adventure. This way, we ensure you can play the full time without restrictions.

There will be no problem if there's no booked game in the next hour, but, in that case, we'll have to reduce your playing time... consider this will increase the overall difficulty!.

The game consists of escaping in one hour max. Believe us, time runs VERY QUICK inside the rooms :)

We recommend sport or casual clothes, and reading glasses in case you need them. Moreover, we have lockers where you can leave all your belongings before starting the game. Remember mobile phones are not allowed!

No! Pegasus spaceship has supersonic frequency jammers that eliminate any possibility of using them inside it :)

Our gamemaster will be taking care of you at any moment, in case you get stucked. If you need any clues... just ask for them!

No, as the game experience wouldn't be optimal, due to space reasons. If you are a bigger group of people, you need to split in different teams to enjoy 100%.

Unfortunately we don't allow cancellations, but we can change your booking to a different day/hour. More info in the next section

We allow modifications with 24h in advance. Just contact us via email to or call us by phone to +34 685 33 46 23 and we will attend you.

Nope, our adventure has big enough rooms to avoid that problem. Also, our gamemaster will watching your movements all the time in case you need anything, and the doors will be always opened in the case you need to go out.

Sure, you have a WC in our office, before playing, and another one inside the game.

Totally. Just contact us before booking and we will provide you the best solution to optimise timing and cost.